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Be-Better verpakt vernieuwende techniek, zoals blockchain, in bewezen praktisch toepasbare oplossingen die wezenlijk het verschil maken voor de zorg en het sociaal domein.

Onze oplossingen solution Enabling self-sovereign identity

Give people more control over their personal information. Allow them to consent whether others can access their data and how. Using permissioned solutions negates the need to store sensitive personal information on the blockchain, ensuring easier GDPR compliance.

How Zero Proof Knowledge protects identity data

In the real estate industry, there are multiple players involved in renting, selling, and maintenance of a building: landlords, tenants, real estate agents, notaries, and contractors. LOEK! used Ledger Leopard’s blockchain solution to enable all parties to share data with each other without so many back-and-forths. All pieces of information about a building including contracts, technical data, maintenance logs, inspection reports were stored in a way that made it easier for all stakeholders to cooperate and trust each other. All information remains irrefutable and all parties would be aware of every change to each document.

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